James T Campbell




RND 3D on 2D backgrounds

These are just two examples of integration and style.


In this example I wanted to find out what was involved in creating a semi detailed background and how it would influence the character.  Due to the character having very clean solid colours the background can be painted in a “speed paint” style.  The colours are not radical in the background. The 3d is all done in Blender using the Freestyle branch to create the cel shading look. The background was quickly made in Photoshop.


This next one is more of a Gotham city style. This background was made in Artrage as the spatter effect is easier to control than a Photoshop brush. The 3d is again using Blender, but the model is very rough and just for testing purposes.


After doing a lot of research the spatter effect works really well for atmospheric and environmental backgrounds. When animation is all smooth it becomes harder on the viewers eyes. Texture helps relax the viewers eyes and focus on the character.


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